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Porque los mediodías son las nuevas madrugadas. #MomentoLAMADRE

Vermouth La Madre Red

LA MADRE RED. Mahogany in colour. Moderate aroma, offering an attractive combination of citrus fruit peel and black fruit with some very subtle herbaceous notes, especially wormwood, lavender and rosemary.

A powerful, sweet aroma reveals some cinnamon. It offers a smooth, silky entrance in the mouth, followed by semi-sweet flavours, which are reminiscent of orange juice with some spicy notes.

The finish is slightly acidic and very agreeable. It ends on a refreshing note of fresh grapes, with a touch of vanilla and hints of dried berries, followed by a smooth bitterness provided by the cardamom seeds.

Vermouth La Madre White

Pale straw in colour. On the nose it is vibrant and full of sweet fragrances where it emphasizes an intense aroma of green apple. On the palate, it is fresh, clean and subtly herbaceous with notes of licorice, citrus and a sharp sweetness. A mildly bitter finish, but with enough herbal depth to remain complex and interesting. The post taste is  predominately of apple smoothly mixed with bitter roots and tree bark.

It is a delicious vermouth that you can enjoy and recognize all its nuances easily with ice – even for non-vermouth lovers.

Vermouth La Madre Rosé

LA MADRE ROSÉ. Bright pink colour with subtle tones red berries.

In the nose, it offers an intense strawberry aromas alluring liquorice aromas, citrus fruit peel, cinnamon and aromatic, sweet cane (calamus root).

The palate is a joy to behold. A rich, velvety texture adds flavours which are initially sweet, mainly of aniseed and strawberry. Before the palate diminishes in intensity, the flavours take on a slightly bitter character due to the wormwood, and orange peel which linger intensely in the after-taste.

It keeps its freshness and maintains its bitter-sweet balance impeccably.

Vermouth La Madre Dry

It is the dry vermouth of the LA MADRE family. Pale straw in colour, on nose it displays an intense, dry and attractive aroma where, of all the plant types, vanilla and lavender are emphasised. In the mouth it is very dry and directly dominated by notes of star anise and nutmeg.

The post taste is intensely bitter accompanied with the right amount of acidity that gives it an excellent freshness. Ideal to drink with ice and tonic water or in classic cocktails like Clarito.


Vermouth La Madre Premium

LA MADRE PREMIUM is an explosion of aromas, tastes and nuances. It is made from 40 carefully selected plant types.

They are mashed for 35 days in ceramic amphora to elaborate the essence. Subsequently, the essence is aged for 6 months in chestnut barrels enhancing all its nuances.

Once the white wine has been selected with the essence, the vermouth is left to rest for 4 months in oak barrels to accentuate its flavour and aromatic nuances. The result is a vermouth of intense red colour and of succulent and exuberant complex aromatic expression.

On the palate it has balsamic and herbal notes mixed with the toasted oak barrels.  With a post bitter taste perfectly integrated. Colour, nose, mouth and post taste in perfect balance. Serve very cold, as an aperitif and also as a digestive.

No somos perfectos, somos auténticos. #VermouthLAMADRE