The Company Vermouths
Elaboration process

La Madre. Esencia en estado puro.

Mission statement

We believe that it is difficult to write about ourselves. It is difficult to describe ourselves from a politically correct standpoint. If we refer to ourselves as the company, it will reflect where we are now and not what we dream of being one day… This is why we would like to forget about marketing advice from business school graduates and tell you who we really are, with no frills.

If we had to define how far we would like to go and what people think about us, we would tell you that our company is working hard to transmit our vermouth culture in a unique and very different way. We would tell you that we are determined to export our products around the world and that trade beyond the borders of our country is one of our main missions. We wish to be the best choice for people looking for an aperitif. We hope they will eventually make it a regular habit or even end up making a ritual out of it. We would like to be THE Vermouth, the one which all bartenders stock. We would like the general public to remember us for our vermouth’s unique taste and flavours. When they say cheers with our vermouth, they will remember us for the way we advertise our vermouth and for the indescribable sensations of happiness and the party atmosphere which our vermouths give them.

Let us say a toast for LA MADRE (MOTHER), who has engendered us all – she deserves our praise!

About Us

We are grape growers, village people. It is also true to say that we are wine, we are nature and that LA MADRE Vermouth is a fusion of wine, nature and enthusiasm too. It is made with grapes, botanicals and lots of passion.

We are and we feel young, we love our traditions and gastronomic rituals. We like to chat with our friends and have a laugh.

We love the Vermouth hour leading up to lunch. We are LA MADRE Vermouth and we love going out for tapas and meeting up with friends. We love mixing.

We are adventurous, self-taught and we are from an unknown paradise called TERRA ALTA to the south-west of Tarragona, where the Mediterranean influence can be felt in all its grandeur. We are LA MADRE (mother), she who engendered this Vermouth. WE ARE VERMOUTH-MAKERS!

"Jamás debí cambiar el whisky escocés por el vermut…"

Humphrey Bogart

Vermouth Culture

Vermouth has suddenly become a sexy drink. In our country, vermouth is much more than just a drink, it is a way of understanding our lifestyle. It is a way of spending time with family and friends. The “Hora de Vermut” or “Vermouth Hour” is a ritual, which we often observed when we were young, when our parents and grandparents took part in it.

Many of us remember visiting our grandparents on a Sunday lunchtime and just before we sat down for the meal, grandfather would offer “un vermut” – and he would spontaneously bring out olives, fried potato wedges, tinned cockles and mussels… all to accompany a glass of vermouth.

In our case, we were ten years old and we did not drink vermouth, but we quickly understood that the “Hora de Vermut” or their “Vermouth Hour” just before lunch, was a ritual for our parents.

It is not a fashion, it is not a fad, it is the revival of a GREAT TRADITION.

LA MADRE’s Team.